The left beats the “climate change” drum for power

All their “solutions” to their fake crisis hurts the middle class.

Hang onto your wallets — Democrats in Olympia are getting ready to take a large amount of money from citizens to fight mythical man-made climate change.

In January, a new 46 cent-a-gallon tax increase takes effect. But don’t worry, this will only be a gut punch to the middle class and lower class. To all you Democrats, the rich will be fine.

The cost of heating your home in the winter will sky-rocket, especially if you use an evil fossil fuel based energy source. But don’t worry, just buy more sweaters and blankets to stay warm. To all you Democrats, the rich will be fine.

The Democrats also made it illegal to sell gas operated vehicles by 2035. You know, the thing that gets people to work daily? This won’t completely devastate the economy. But don’t worry, if you can’t afford an electric car, you can always walk to work, or ride your bike or ride the filthy mass transit system we have. To all you Democrats, the rich will be fine.

The Democrats have goals of making natural gas illegal. You know, the thing that millions of people across the country use to heat their homes in the winter because it’s effective and inexpensive?

The Democrats have goals of completing shutting down the whole fossil fuel industry and force wind and solar energy on everyone. You know wind and solar, the energy sources that are guaranteed to shut down when the weather gets too hot or too cold? Can you say rolling black outs and brown outs when its 100 degrees or zero degrees?

What is maddening is leftists use 75 to 100 years of weather history in order to convince useful idiots that man-made climate change is an actual threat. Here’s a fun fact: the climate has changed since the beginning of time. Millions of years. Here’s another fun fact: glaciers covered a large portion of the United States and they disappeared long before humans and fossil fuels were in existence. And, they are using a sliver of time to justify stealing more money from us and place restrictions on living.

Instead of taxing, restricting and outlawing sources of energy, how about an all-encompassing energy policy where we utilize all sources of energy. This will bring down costs and will allow people to heat and air condition their homes at reasonable prices.

The way to stop this madness is to vote out the ruling Democrat regime. It’s amazing what people will tolerate what their government does to them and takes from them as long as those ruling politicians are Democrats. Why do Democrats do this? Money, power and control. It’s that simple. Just look at how much more you are going to pay. I guess Democrats don’t care about the lower and middle class.

Man-made climate change is a myth. And it’s the pinnacle of arrogance to believe that humans can control, change, create or prevent climate. Only God can do that.

Jon Buss