These are the things that I believe in

My worldview as a conservative.

I believe in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law of the Land.

I believe that there is a God, who is our Heavenly Father, and that all men and women are created in his image.

I believe in proclaiming that marriage between a Man and a Woman is ordained of God, and that family is central to Gods plan for the eternal destiny of his Children.

I believe that family is the core fundamental unit of society.

I believe that America is the best nation on the Earth.

I believe that equality, where all men and women are created Equal is the foundation for a strong nation.

Admittedly, far-right beliefs.

If you do not believe these things, then “You do You, and I will do me.” I will defend your right to disagree. That is the First Amendment of the Constitution.

But I do believe that when individuals, cities, states and nations diverge from these truths, then that is the beginning of all the society’s problems.

The more liberal states are legalizing drugs and prostitution, or at least agreeing that they will not prosecute any more.

The Welfare System had the unintended consequences of producing “Single Parent Families” by paying more to moms with no father in the house. According to My Safe Harbor, 70 percent of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies come from single mother homes. Without a father figure in the home, then the streets become the father figure.

If there is a higher crime and murder rate in the large inner cities, we need to find a way for more fathers to be in the home, and more police to help keep crime low.

The Asian community has a culture where Mom and Dad are both there, and they encourage Education in the home, and they have the highest standard of living.

The BLM movement has stated that its goal was to disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure (meaning in-home mother and a father) and advocated the community to gather together to raise the family. Let us look at Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, D.C., and Baltimore and find out how well that is working out. There is a systemic problem all right, but it is not racism.

Now I am not saying this as a person that is racist – I am saying this as a father of five kids. I am sick and tired of being told by my president, half of my Congress, most of the education systems in the U.S., and the :mainstream Media” that the U.S. is racist. That it is a “bad place”. All “white people” are oppressors.

Are you even allowed to say “All Black People are Bad” or “All Hispanics are Bad”? That would be racist. Why are “all white people bad”?

As stated before, “A House Divided cannot stand.” Lets become “One Nation, Under God.”

David Cannon