Dan Shannon, “The Smartest Person in The Room”

Dan Shannon, “The Smartest Person in The Room”

A white elephant problem

Biden’s handling of immigration leaves much to be desired.

  • Tuesday, September 7, 2021 10:30am
  • Opinion

A White Elephant: A useless thing, especially one that is difficult to get rid of.

Readers, we have a white elephant problem, whole herds of them and they are running amok. You can’t ignore these elephants. You’ve got to deal with them because sooner or later, their missteps are going to have them crapping right on you.

For the hundreds of Americans stuck in Kabul surrounded by hordes of seventh-century barbarians chanting “Death to America,” the elephant dung arrived a little too soon.

President Joe Biden’s recent Kabul Double Shuffle merely proves what astute Americans have known for some time — that the head elephant is incompetent, as illustrated by the fact that while he cannot get American citizens out of a foreign country, he equally cannot prevent foreigners from coming into our country. Americans are dying either way.

Once again, policy decisions at the highest level are affecting your lives. Whether it’s five-buck-a-gallon gas, the biggest inflation increase since Mr. Peanut was president, a new wave crime spree, or surrendering energy independence to foreign energy dependence in only seven months, it’s ineptitude personified.

Kabul is just the latest, and as troublesome as the thought of these modern day mastodons leaving behind billions of military hardware to our former Taliban enemies is, their most egregious faux pas is their failure to minimize illegal immigration.

Yes, there is a literal cornucopia of critiques to choose from with Ol’ Scranton Joe, but space mandates that I focus on the most pressing issue facing America today: the harm caused by illegal immigration.

Somewhere in the not too distant past, being American afforded certain expectations from your government. It used to convey certain privileges and if not worldwide, at least in America. In the “olden days” you could count on your government to keep you safe and protect you and your family from threats foreign and domestic. Not anymore.

In Biden’s America, if you expect preference over non-Americans, you are vilified. If you believe that the promotion of Americans’ interests should guide all governmental policies, you are demonized.

Nevertheless, it is the guiding principle of nationhood and accepted by the vast majority of countries with enough courage to enforce it, but not in Joe’s America.

As Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby recently announced: “American citizens will not be given priority evacuation over Afghans… It’s not going to be just Americans first…” And Kirby was as good as his word, as Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan while thousands of Afghans are already here.

Afghan refugees faced vaccination stations upon arrival, but they were lightly used, according to NPR and the AP. So while many Americans are denied entry into public places or being forced to choose between the shot or losing their jobs, Afghans are allowed entry into your country without vaccination. Problem, anyone?

And on the domestic front, while mumbling through the need for booster shots and endless mask mandates, Old Joe permits COVID-infected illegal aliens to travel throughout your country into communities far and wide and some at taxpayer expense. You might as well call it Club Fed.

It’s “Do as I say and not as I do” when it applies to me and you.

On a daily basis, Texans encounter migrants and they are being infected with COVID. Recently, a Refugio County jailer died after contracting the virus from a migrant apprehended in a human smuggling incident.

This is not an isolated instance. Thousands of Americans die at the hands of illegal migrants. Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

By way of comparison, 2,977 Americans died in the 9/11 attacks.

For a ten-year period, between 2011 and July 2021, 1,260 migrants were arrested in Texas for homicide. Folks, that’s just one of 50 states. You do the math.

In a single year (2018), ICE arrested 1,641 illegal aliens convicted of homicide.

Of the total 105,000 illegal aliens arrested by ICE in 2018, also included were:

• 54,630 illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving

• 29,987 illegal aliens convicted of assault

• 9,834 illegal aliens convicted of burglary

• 4,423 illegal aliens convicted of robbery

• 3,740 illegal aliens convicted of sexual assault

• 1,294 illegal aliens convicted of kidnapping

Those 1,641 homicides are the equivalent of 28 Las Vegas mass shootings, which forced Congress to push for increased gun control. In light of the death toll by illegal aliens, I query: “Congress, how about cooking up some border control?”

In 2019, a migrant in Montgomery County, Maryland, was charged with rape when he was accused of crawling into bed with a 16-year-old girl as she napped and proceeded to rape the teen at knifepoint. According to ABC 7 News, this case was one of at least nine illegal aliens arrested for sexual assault that month.

Texas reports that between June 1, 2011, and Aug. 31, 2021, 238,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 390,000 criminal offenses.

Criminal aliens make up about 21 percent of your total federal prison population, costing taxpayers about $1.4 billion every year.

As of 2015, your “Government Accountability Office” noted 5,208 convictions of illegal aliens for homicide or attempted homicide in California.

Tell me readers, do the Americans who died at the hands of foreigners as a result of 9/11 count more than the thousands of Americans who have died at the hands of foreigners here illegally as a result of failing to secure our own borders?

Do their lost lives have less meaning? Are they less special? Do they deserve less attention or protection from our government? Certainly not to me or you or the Angel Mothers who have lost children at the hands of illegal aliens.

Not so, however, to Joe’s minions who refuse to prevent migrants from flooding across our southern border.

Just the opposite, Biden encourages illegal entry by housing aliens in hotels and motels, and ripping up the “Remain in Mexico Policy” of his predecessor, which lowered illegal crossing to its lowest in the last 40 years.

Here are the staggering numbers: In May 2021, 180,034 migrants crossed the border. In June, it was 188,829 and in July, it was 210,000.

The total since Jan. 1, 2021, is 1.1 million.

To put that into perspective, that is akin to the entire population of Tacoma, Washington, illegally entering your country every month. How many do you think are vaccinated or wearing a mask?

Again, do the math. At that rate, in a single year, over two million migrants arrive, a number greater than the entire population of all American cities except New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.

This is insanity. Who do you think is paying for the initial care, travel and temporary housing for this influx? You are.

Are you mad yet? You should be after you learn that Biden’s boys initially proposed charging Americans to fly them out of Afghanistan! So to Joe, migrant travel is free while Americans pay to leave Kabul?

It’s crazy and it hasn’t been this crazy since the ‘70s.

In 1976, the movie “Network” introduced America to Howard Beale, a fictitious news anchor, who in the face of national pessimism, hijacked his bully pulpit to encourage his audience to leave their living rooms, open their windows and call to all within earshot: “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”

Well, readers, it’s time to let your politicos know that you too “are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.”

Yep, like Howard Beale, I was mad and so I wrote my Congresswoman concerning illegal immigration. What I received in response was a form letter which stated: “I am horrified and saddened by the recent mass shootings… I will not stop fighting until we can all feel safe in our communities.”

It’s easy to see why Congress doesn’t know what they are talking about when they cannot even determine what you are talking about.

Let me be clear: No one has a right to come to America. It’s a privilege and you don’t get more privileges by breaking our laws on entry.

Under current law, economic hardship is not grounds to grant asylum. If it were, there would be no limit on who would claim the right to migrate to the United States.

Americans don’t agree on much anymore, but polls show a majority (51 percent overall, according to a Rasmussen poll) agree that granting amnesty to illegal aliens is not in America’s best interest.

Biden, however, plans to grant amnesty to the 11 million-plus illegal aliens already in your country.

Such amnesty makes a mockery of our immigration system and simply incentivizes more illegal border crossings. Why create any system if you reward those who break it? We have a legal immigration system for a reason. The system is not broken.

What is broken is the requisite will of Joe and his sycophants to enforce it.

Now is the time to lift ourselves from lethargy and tell those White Elephants in Washington that you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore.

Peanuts anyone?

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