Cannon critic should take his own advice

Maybe Mr. Benson should sign up to be a community columnist.

Near weekly letter-writer-in-chief Larry Benson is doing handsprings over David Cannon’s last column in the Courier-Herald (“Goodbye Mr. Cannon,” published June 29). He complains that Mr. Cannon continually spouts unsubstantiated opinions void of verification. With Dave gone does this mean Larry now will cease his letters, hopefully? Nah! Not going to happen.

Going over Mr. Benson’s last two letters, one can’t but be amused at the word salads he created unencumbered by facts. A dishes “liberally” sprinkled with superlative croutons (i.e. “most, almost all, every, many, etc.) and tossed with an acerbic vinaigrette of questionable taste. Superlatives are handy when the writer lacks facts and chooses to not “look… up” supporting details — Larry’s admonition to another letter writer. Wisdom he might take to heart.

As to letters being word-limited by the Courier-Herald, Benson might join the Editor for “Brewskis with a Newsie” on the first Wednesday of the month. Purchase enough rounds and, who knows, he may end up replacing Cannon as a featured columnist, thereby becoming the “the smartest guy in the room.”

George Terhaar